Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Celebration has a passion for spreading the gospel locally and around the world- connect people to God and others. Below you will find basic information on upcoming National and International Mission Trips.

Celebration is also home to the Celebration Baptist Church Mission Training Center, opening October 6, 2019. We can't wait to share with you all the exciting things that will be coming from the MTC.

Upcoming Trips

2022 (we are currently monitoring these countries to determine best times and approach)
East Africa
Southeast Asia

Student MFUGE, Mobile, AL
June 6-11

For student completed 6th-12th Grade. Spend the day serving the Mobile community through landscaping and yardwork, ministry to children and seniors, and more. Then spend the evening worshipping and learning with other students from all over the United States in a camp experience. Students stay in the dorms at the University of Mobile.

Registration opening soon.

Cost $400

New Orleans
June 27- July 3

Working with a local church plant called the Harvest in New Orleans / located near the French Quarter

Open to anyone, families, college students, etc.

We will host a morning sports / activity camp at a local park for elementary, middle and high school students. We will host block party events in the evening at various neighborhoods around the church.

Cost: $500 per person / includes transportation, lodging and most meals.

Leader: Pastor Tommy Hendricks

Ministry Training Institute

Diploma in Biblical Studies, Advanced Diploma and Biblical Studies Diploma of Distinction
The Diploma in Biblical Studies, Advanced Diploma and Biblical Studies Diploma of Distinction are offered through Samford's 33 extension centers across the southeast.  The curriculum includes 24 standardized courses.  A student is awarded the Diploma in Biblical Studies  after completing 8 courses, awarded the Advanced Diploma after completing 16 courses and Diploma of Distinction after completing 24 courses.   The cost is $50 per course.  Students who register using our online registration system will not be subject to the $10 processing fee.  
Diploma Courses
  • ZMTI 101: Biblical Interpretation
  • ZMTI 102: Intro to Old Testament
  • ZMTI 103: Intro to New Testament
  • ZMTI 104: Paul’s Letters
  • ZMTI 105: The Minor Prophets
  • ZMTI 106A: Biblical Foundations I
  • ZMTI 106B: Biblical Foundations II
  • ZMTI 113: The Person of the Holy Spirit
  • ZMTI 114: Baptist Doctrines
  • ZMTI 115: Spiritual Disciplines
  • ZMTI 118: The Book of Revelation
  • ZMTI 120: The Origins of the Bible
  • ZMTI 121: The Writings of Moses
  • ZMTI 122: Christian Apologetics
  • ZMTI 123: Parables of Jesus
  • ZMTI 124: The Life and Ministry of Jesus
  • ZMTI 125: John’s Epistles
  • ZMTI 126: Exploring the Psalms
  • ZMTI 127: The Gospels
  • ZMTI 128: The Acts of the Apostles
  • ZMTI 129: Personal Evangelism
  • ZMTI 130: Effective Disciple Making
  • ZMTI 131: The Book of Hebrews
  • ZMTI 132: Christian leadership
Spring A- ZMTI 103 Intro to New Testament
Mondays at 6 p.m. January 17- March 14
Missions Training Center at Celebration Baptist Church
Students will be given an overview of the various sections of the New Testament. Instruction will be given on the authors, context and content of the New Testament books. Attention will be given to the history of the New Testament and the development of the New Testament Canon.
Instructor: Aaron Sheffield
Spring B- ZMTI 104 Paul's Letters
Mondays at 6 p.m. March 28- May 16
Missions Training Center at Celebration Baptist Church
The Pauline Epistles make up more than a third of the New Testament writings, and therefore it is important that Christians understand why Paul wrote his letters. Students will study the content of the letters and find application for their own Christian journey.
Instructor: Doug Bedgood