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Celebration isn't just a location. It is a group of people that are committed to living life in a way that honors God. Each week we share in an authentic, contemporary celebration focused on biblical principles that change hearts. Come comfortably dressed and prepared to be among friends.

Current Sermon Series
The Choice Is Yours

This series contrasts 8 biblical characters. Each one was at a crossroads in their lives. They made a decision about who they would become and it set the tone for the narrative for the rest of their lives.

Some made decisions that strengthened. They became more passionate followers of God. They became better people. Because their stories are found in the Bible, they’ve inspired people to greater heights for generations.

Others made decisions that weakened. They became distracted. They focused on themselves. They became a hinderance for other people around them. Because their stores are in the Bible, they are a cautionary tale for the generations who have followed them.

In this series we want to answer the question, What’s Your Story?”

Connect with others

Sometimes finding "your people" can be hard- especially if your new to church or new to town. That's why Celebration has Communities. Communities are your chance to connect to other people in the same stage of life as you for a meal and more. We look forward to the return of Community gatherings soon. In the meantime, join us for Sunday worship with your Community!
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