Adult Groups

And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.

Acts 2:42

Why Groups?

Groups carry out the purpose of the church to connect people with God and others. Our groups are open to all and meet at a variety of times, days and places.

All Groups have the essential elements of Acts 2:42-47:
  • Community Building: Fellowship (sometimes involves food), prayer for and with each other, accountability and caring for each other. 
  • Bible Study: Studying applicable Bible Studies with the purpose of knowing Christ and making Christ known. 
  • Mission/Multiply: Outward focus of ministry and mission through projects to multiply believers, other groups and churches. 

Groups by Day

Two Types of Groups


T-Groups stands for Transformation Groups. They consist of one leader plus two to three others (of the same gender) who do a discipleship study together. Please contact Pastor Doug at to find out more.

Deepen your knowledge of how to live as a disciple and lead others to grow as a disciple. Participants use the book Disciples Path: The Journey, Vol 1 & 2.

Join others in growing as biblical leaders. Study is based on Greg Ogden's book: Leadership Essentials or Disciples Path: The Journey, Vol 3 & 4.

Join others in growing in your God-given mission in this world. Study is based on Radical and Radical Together by David Platt.

Connect Groups

Various groups, large or small that meet on a regular basis to Connect people with God and others.

Bible Study
Seek to know the Bible through in-depth study and personal applications. Growing in Christlikeness means knowing and doing the Word.

Provide a safe place for people to connect in dealing with life issues. Together they deal with common issues or hurdles in life with truth and principles based on God's Word.

Pursue a God given ministry objective (common cause, passion, burden) that has a kingdom impact.

Right Now Media

RightNow Media is a service that Celebration offers to our members and attenders free of charge. This "Netfilx for Bible Studies" offers videos for the whole family! Check out this video to learn more.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Every believer has been given special gifts by the Holy Spirit to use to serve other people and the church. Take this quiz to find out how you have been uniquely equipped!

Women's Ministry

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.

Psalm 34:3

Celebration's Women's Ministry exists to encourage women to grow in the knowledge of God to live a life that magnifies Him. We do this through Bible studies, retreats, socials and many other events throughout the year.

Bless Every Home

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world. Anyone who follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life."

We're asking the Celebration family to consider becoming a Light to their neighbors. Download the Bless Every Home app and you'll receive a map and list of five neighbors to pray for each day.
When you get a chance, walk or drive by those homes as you pray for them. Click here to learn more.
Begin with Prayer
Pray for people in your life who are far from God. Ask God, “How do you want to use me to bless the people in my life?”
Listen with Care
Pay attention to people’s dreams and pain. Listen for evidence of God’s work in their lives.
Eat Together
Share meals and life with people in your life who do not know God.
Serve with Love
Be attentive to opportunities God provides you to care for people and attend to their needs.
Share the Story
Once you build a relationship and earn trust, look for ways you can share the story of how Jesus is transforming your life and the world.