The Generosity Connection

Apr 26, 2021    Warren Halstrom

The Generosity Connection
by Warren Halstrom, Worship Pastor

I am a worshiper. Lavish expressions of worship particularly through worship music are second nature to me.

As I grew in my walk with the Lord, it became apparent I needed to understand the connection between worship and generosity. Surely they are connected. Wouldn’t a person with the greatest passion toward Christ also excel in generosity? While it was a new realization, it was obvious that if I was to grow in my relationship and walk with Christ, I absolutely needed to become generous, regardless of how unnatural it felt.

A funny thing happened to me along the way to understanding and practicing generosity. My perspective on prayer took on a whole new meaning. Diverse areas of my spiritual life began to improve and I became a better person. I am certainly still on the journey, but without question, my personal investment in the understanding and practice of generosity may be the wisest thing I’ve ever done.

Have you ever taken the time to seek out training on being generous? Sounds kind of funny but there may be uncharted territory in your life ready to be unlocked if you’re willing to turn a light on this part of your life. Take a few minutes to do an inventory on your own passion for generosity and willingness to have God lead you in this area.