Wednesday Groups

Groups are meeting in person and via Zoom. Contact the group leader for information on joining the Zoom meetings.


Faithful Servant, women
Starting October 14
Meets 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month
Room 4, led by Joan Fowinkle
David Jeremiah's study of Psalms- God, I Need Some Answers. Some questions seem to plague us, but there is hope. God has revealed Himself through stories and poetry about real people in real situations. He is not afraid of our questions and doubts.
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Room 4, led by Pastor Tommy Hendricks
Standing at the altar, we all had a picture of what our marriage would look like. The problem is this picture of marriage results in expectations that we unload on our spouse. The weight of these expectations will rob your marriage of love and joy. As a spouse you never feel like you measure up and you never feel like are good enough. So what are you to do with your expectations? You can't deny them, because most expectations started out as God-given desires. In this Andy Stanley study, he explains that you must learn to transform your expectations and look to God if you are to experience as it was designed.
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Deacon Training- Undivided
Room 5, led by Brian Burgess & Ancil Carruthers
North American Mission Board Racial Reconciliation study. If there is something we can all agree on, it's that our nation is divided. We're divided along party lines, poverty lines and, especially, racial lines. That division has crept into our churches as well. That's not how God designed the church. We are meant to be an undivided example in a divided world. This group for deacons will help guide the church toward genuine gospel community.
Parents with Teens
Room 6, led by Shannon Day
A group of adults that have teenage children and older who explore the Bible together and seek to "live out loud" their Christian faith in today's culture.
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Women's Bible Study
Room 8, led by Chari Wester
The Power to Change – Change happens to us when we begin a relationship with Jesus. We’ve been rescued! But what happens when daily temptations and distractions from following Jesus leave us feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the same discouraging patterns? This study will help us understand the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the process of sanctification.
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Prayer Group
Room 9, led by Christy Treadwell
Celebration believes in prayer. Prayer requests from the Sunday morning connect cards, online prayer requests, and those needs brought to the team’s attention will be lifted up. We will also pray for our church, city, state, country, current events, and missionaries. The format will not be like a traditional prayer meeting where one might have to stand up and pray in front of strangers; instead it will be more like an intimate setting of family members praying for each other's needs. Come join us as we seek God’s will to be done and His kingdom to come to earth.
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Bible Forensics
Room 10, led by Ben Cowart
Micah-A study in God's judgement and wrath on his chosen people, compassion based on God's love for the covenant He made with His people.
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33 Series Men's Group
Room 11, led by Tom Jacobs
Man and His Story, men explore their stories through a biblical perspective.
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Eschatology: Study of End Times
Room 12, led by Ray Burroughs
Did you ever wonder what the Bible says about end times? Are we living in the end times, how will we know, are there signs to look for? When will Jesus come back, are these signs to look for? Where did God come from? As it turns out the Bible from Genesis to Revelation has quite a lot to say about such things, in fact there are 401 references to the end in the Bible, 179 in the Old Testament and 222 in the New Testament. In this study we will look at each one, examine its meaning, study the context in which it is given and see how each one relates to the others. There are many tough questions to be asked and we will attempt to find good solid biblically based answers to each one.
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Estudio de la biblia en español
comienza el 16 de septiembre
Room 303 (Mission Training Center), led by Pastor John Lizarazo
Todas las edades
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