Wednesday Groups


Begins August 23

Adventures in Marriage
Room 4, led by Live the Life
Most couples do not know “how” to be married. Adventures in Marriage helps couples discover better ways to MEET NEEDS, COMMUNICATE, RESOLVE CONFLICT, EXPRESS ANGER, AVOID DIRTY FIGHTING and understand how their personality styles impact relationships for better or worse. Fun, practical, and easy to learn, Adventures in Marriage is appropriate for couples at ANY age or stage. The marriage communication program is designed to reach couples across the spectrum – from happy and highly motivated to struggling and highly stressed. Adventures in Marriage incorporates the latest research to provide specific, practical skills for a SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE. According to a recent study by FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, Adventures in Marriage is the most effective marriage program IN AMERICA. Come learn how to create the marriage you have always wanted with the spouse you already have!


Begin August 23

Biblical Citizenship
Room 5, led by Bill Snyder
Experiencing God
Room 205, led by David Emmert
Utterly Amazed
Room 6, led by Scott Carter
Bible Forensics: Job
Room 10, led by Ben Cowart
Women's Bible Study
Finding Faith in the Dark
Room 11, led by Chari Wester & Jami Dunsford
Crown Financial Training
Room 9, led by Trish Eldridge & Jennifer Schul
Estudio de la biblia en español
Mission Training Center, led by Pastor John Lizarazo
Todas las edades

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