Wednesday Groups


Starting August 10

Adventures in Marriage
Room 4, led by Live The Life Ministries
Fun, practical, and easy to learn, Adventures in Marriage is appropriate for couples at ANY age or stage.
The marriage communication program is designed to reach couples across the spectrum – from happy and highly motivated to struggling and highly stressed.
Includes light dinner and childcare. Registration required.


Starting August 10

Women's Bible Study
Room 11, led by Chari Wester
Interpreting the Bible
Room 6, led by Dr. Scott Carter
Learn how to interpret the Bible within the original context of audience, languages, culture, and genres. Led by Scott Carter (Book for the course will be: Living by the Book, The art and science of reading the Bible by Howard G.G. Hendricks and William D.D. Hendricks.)
In His Image
Room 5, led by Chris & Susan Stahl
Delighting in God's Plan for Gender and Sexuality, In His Image addresses extremely important questions like: "What does the Bible say about homosexuality and gender identity?" "Can you be gay and be a Christian?" "How should church members respond to members who are gay or facing challenges with their gender identity?
Bible Forensics
Room 10, led by Ben Cowart
Eschatology: Study of End Times
Room 12, led by Ray Burroughs
We have entered the final segment of our end time journey with the Book of Revelation. Everything we have studied thus far was designed to give the modern day student of the Bible a similar level of understanding as the original intended audience. The Book of Revelation is most certainly the cornerstone of any end time study. Come join us as we bring this exciting comprehensive study to its conclusion.
Email Ray at to join via Zoom.
Estudio de la biblia en español
Mission Training Center, led by Pastor John Lizarazo
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