Wednesday Groups

Groups are meeting in person and via Zoom. Contact the group leader for information on joining the Zoom meetings.


Faithful Servant, women
Meets 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month
Returns January 12
Room 4, led by Joan Fowinkle
Daring Faith by Rick Warren. Break free from fear and discover what it means to grow a bolder, more confident faith that gives you the resilience to keep going regardless of the circumstances. Let the world see your daring faith today!


Starting January 5

Walk Thru the Bible- Old Testament
Room 4, led by Tommy Hendricks
Walk thru the Bible is unlike any other Bible teaching you've experienced. We will unpack the big picture of the Bible in an exciting, engaging way that brings people together and ignites passion for God's work.  You will learn all 66 books of the Bible and a creative way to share the Old & New Testament as we walk thru God’s Grand Story.
Managing Our Money (Crown Financial Ministries)
Room 6, led by Angus & Natalie Thomas
Many of us think we don’t need help with our money. We’re adults, after all, and we can make our own decisions. But the truth is, we all need help-and that’s why this study has been created. If you want to experience the peace of God in your finances, then you have to follow God’s plan for your finances. Be encouraged! God wants you to be financially free and “nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37)
Women's Bible Study
Room 11, led by Chari Wester
Free of Me- In our selfie-saturated world, it's easy to slip into a me-centered life. This study helps you break free of the perils of ego gratification and live for a larger purpose! Free of Me identifies the hidden source of our insecurity; exposes seven areas of self-sabotage; suggests four practical steps for focusing on God; and more.
Men's Bible Study
Room 9, led by Tom Jacobs & Doug Bedgood
Nine Attributes of a Man- In a world where everyone is attempting to define manhood, why not look to God who designed men. God's definition of real manhood is found in the ultimate man - Jesus Christ. Gather with other men for a new study entitled Attributes For Men. Ten sessions on nine attributes that will empower you to become the man God wants you to be.
Bible Forensics- Habakkuk & Philemon
Room 10, led by Ben Cowart
Habakkuk –Why does God use evil people and events to bring about His will?
Philemon – How should we advocate and intercede on those that are less fortunate and persecuted?
Eschatology: Study of End Times
Room 12, led by Ray Burroughs
Did you ever wonder what the Bible says about end times? Are we living in the end times, how will we know, are there signs to look for? When will Jesus come back, are these signs to look for? Where did God come from? As it turns out the Bible from Genesis to Revelation has quite a lot to say about such things, in fact there are 401 references to the end in the Bible, 179 in the Old Testament and 222 in the New Testament. In this study we will look at each one, examine its meaning, study the context in which it is given and see how each one relates to the others. There are many tough questions to be asked and we will attempt to find good solid biblically based answers to each one.
Email Ray at to join via Zoom.
I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Athiest
Room 5, led by Bill & Jennifer Yaakob
This study offers the most current evidence for the Christian Worldview and answers the most common objections asked by athiests and skeptics.  Frank Turek uses logic, science and hard historical evidence to show why the Bible us true and why it takes a lot more faith to be an atheist than a Christian. 
Estudio de la biblia en español
Mission Training Center, led by Pastor John Lizarazo
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