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Faithful Servant, women
Meets 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month
Returns September 8, 2021
Room 4, led by Joan Fowinkle
Forward Study by David Jeremiah Relying on previous good deeds or dwelling on past sins can be self-defeating. How can we put former things behind us and press on to the abundant life God promises us in Christ? Anchored in Paul's words from Philippians 3:12--14, Jeremiah's strong biblical teaching coupled with real-life stories help you move toward a better future.


New Groups Beginning June 16!

Women's Bible Study
Room 4, led by Kimberly Johnson
The world constantly tells us that we are not enough. Work harder, earn more, climb higher, be better—the mandates are endless. While progress and excellence are certainly admirable traits, did God ever intend for us to be the best at everything at a high cost? What if God never meant for our lives to be an endless race? What if that gnawing, insatiable quest inside you can be replaced with something so simple that it changes your life inside out?

What if our primary calling was not to be successful but to be faithful?

In this five-part series, prominent journalist and pastor Anand Mahadevan revisits one of Jesus’s most popular parables—The Parable of the Talents—revealing how this parable is really an expression of God’s inexplicable grace. Find out how you can reach a place of high productivity and deep contentment as you live out God’s perfect plan for your life.
Crown Ministries Financial Training
Room 6, led by Angus & Natalie Thomas
In this study you will hear from renowned experts on the subject of biblical financial management. Lesson topics include: The Big Picture, Dedicate it all to God, Plan Your Spending, Giving As An Act Of Worship, Saving & Investing, God’s Solution To Debt and Enjoy What God Has Given You.
Secret Church- The Great Imbalance
Room 5, led by Pam Emmert
Go and make disciples of all nations. A clear command and monumental charge from Jesus. Yet what if, despite our best intentions and sincerest efforts as the church to obey Jesus, we are actually ignoring what he said? At best, what if we have misunderstood him? And what if much of our efforts are unknowingly keeping millions upon millions of people around the world from eternal life? Further, what if much of our efforts are keeping you and me from experiencing God's purpose for our lives? Secret Church 21 is designed to be a ground-breaking journey through God's Word and around the world that leads to a tectonic shift in the way you view your life, your family, and God's design for the church. For your eyes will be open not only to a great imbalance that is affecting countless people for eternity, but also to the bold opportunity you have to change it with your time on this earth.
Prayer Group
Room 9, led by Christy Treadwell
Celebration believes in prayer. Prayer requests from the Sunday morning connect cards, online prayer requests, and those needs brought to the team’s attention will be lifted up. We will also pray for our church, city, state, country, current events, and missionaries. The format will not be like a traditional prayer meeting where one might have to stand up and pray in front of strangers; instead it will be more like an intimate setting of family members praying for each other's needs. Come join us as we seek God’s will to be done and His kingdom to come to earth.”
Email Christy at to join via Zoom.
Mathematical Proof for Christianity
Room 10, led by Ben Cowart
This study will help you to see why Christianity is not a “blind faith” based on chance, but rather, a rational faith based on evidence. There are plenty of strong reasons to accept the message of the Bible, and the message of Christ. And it would be wise for you to know these reasons in order to make an educated decision concerning the most famous person who has ever walked on the earth.

40 questions to determine the true religion; 7 reasons to completely trust the Bible; the world's most popular religion; 7 satanic strategies to distract from Christianity; and how Christianity doesn't make sense until you jump.

You will also learn why Christ cannot be one of many gods, and why your religious upbringing doesn't make your religion true.
Men's Study Group
Room 11, led by Tom Jacobs & Bryan Rosenthal
33 The Series: A Man and His Traps - practical teaching, powerful testimonies, interviews and creative elements combine in this six sessions to help men avoid or escape the destruction that falling into the common manhood traps can bring.
Eschatology: Study of End Times
Room 12, led by Ray Burroughs
Did you ever wonder what the Bible says about end times? Are we living in the end times, how will we know, are there signs to look for? When will Jesus come back, are these signs to look for? Where did God come from? As it turns out the Bible from Genesis to Revelation has quite a lot to say about such things, in fact there are 401 references to the end in the Bible, 179 in the Old Testament and 222 in the New Testament. In this study we will look at each one, examine its meaning, study the context in which it is given and see how each one relates to the others. There are many tough questions to be asked and we will attempt to find good solid biblically based answers to each one.
Email Ray at to join via Zoom.
Estudio de la biblia en español
Mission Training Center, led by Pastor John Lizarazo
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