Sunday Groups


Prayer Team
Room 8, led by Kimberley Johnson & Christy Treadwell
Gather together to learn about prayer while praying over the needs of our church family, city, state, nation, and world.


Life Walk, 50+
Room 5, led by Mark Laxton
(Adult Group 50+) Friends of all walks of life that meet together to explore the Bible.
Parents of Teens & Young Adults
Room 10, led by Bill Leonard & Marty Mosteller
A group of adults that have teenage children and older who explore the Bible together and seek to "live out loud" their Christian faith in today's culture. Studying Bible Studies For Life series.
Christian Worldview
Room 7, led by Barry Webster, Christy & Philip Treadwell
College-age and up. Studying Secret Church 2022- WHO AM I? Gender. Sexuality. Artificial Intelligence. Race. Justice. Genomics. The Metaverse.
Family Matters
Room 111, led by Jimmy McDonald
This is a group of parents with kids of all ages. Our group participates in regular bible studies with a deep desire for biblical principles useful to develop and maintain a God centered successful marriage. This group looks at different studies both with direct biblical reading and video lesson series from renowned teachers and pastors. We share prayer requests, praises and class needs weekly. Throughout the year we participate in service and local missions activities and have regular in class and out of class fellowships.
Young Families Bible Study
Room 112, led by Seth & Torie Bartee
A great group to get to know others as you fellowship, connect and explore God's Word together to help you navigate through life.


Senior Adult Bible Study
Room 4, led by Todd Johnson & Joanie Fowinkle
Conversation Group, adults of all ages
Room 6, led by Pastor Doug Bedgood
The group is a Conversation Group, which means it is taking a deeper dive into studying the Bible texts and main points from the Sunday morning message. The Sunday messages are the launching pad for the overall Discipleship of the church and follow a path to make a well-rounded disciple of Jesus. The Children and Student ministries follow the same plan so that families can converse about what they are learning.
Next Chapter, 55+
Room 111, led by Fred Wilder & Jim Moller
Adults that come together and explore the Bible during this season of life. Come and connect with others! We also do mission projects together!
Aktion Group
Room 11, led by Gavin Boone & Debbie Wade
The Aktion Group is open to any adult living with a disability who desires to become a leader in his/her community and wishes to provide service to others. They gather together to study the Bible, learn how to be more like Christ and serve their community. Members build leadership and decision-making skills, as well as hold leadership roles in the club. They work together on meaningful community-service activities. They learn by doing. They learn organization, teamwork and leadership. 


Salt & Light
Mission Training Center, Led by Barry Webster & Joan Fowinkle
 Meets Second Sunday of the Month
The Salt & Light Citizenship Ministry equips Christians to reclaim and preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage through responsible, biblically-based citizenship. It is concerned citizens in churches praying (1 Timothy 2:1-4), getting educated (1 Peter 3:15) and taking action in our Capitol city, State and Nation (Matthew 5:13-14)!
For more information about the Salt & Light Ministry, click here.


Women's Bible Study
Starts September 25
Room 6, Led by Robin O'Donnell & Christy Treadwell
College & Young Professionals Bible Study
Meets 1st & 3rd Sundays
Broom Tree Cafe, led by Spencer Doster

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