Storm Planning 2022

Hurricane Season is here! At Celebration we want to make sure that we take care of our church family and community during times of need and still gather to worship and learn together. When a storm is coming, we WILL have church- we may have to change our meeting times, but we feel it is important to gather as believers especially during times of stress.

How will you know if we change our service times? Join our Storm Communications Text List. Use the connection card in service, sign up on the form in our church app or text Storm to (850) 331-0209. We will also make announcements on our social media accounts and send notifications in the church app.

How can you help? We have two main teams that we deploy before and after a storm, our Connect Team and Clean Up Team.
Our Connect Team contacts all members over 65 years old and those that request a call both before a storm to see if preparation help is needed and after the storm to do a well-check and see if clean up help is needed.

Our Clean Up Team does just what its name says, they deploy after the storm has passed to help tarp roofs and do any clean up that is possible.
What if you need help? You can sign up to be contacted by our Connect Team on your connection card or in the form on the church app. If you need clean up help after the storm, you can text “Cleanup” to (850) 331-0209.

Are there other ways to help? Yes! The last two storms that have hit Tallahassee knocked out power to our campus on Sunday morning. We need volunteers to help with setup for worship outside if needed. Sign up for our Worship Setup team on your connection card or in the app.