Celebration Storm Planning

Hurricane Season is here! As Floridians, we have to be extra vigilant during this time of year and that includes our church. We want you to know that Celebration has a plans in place when a storm comes our way.

We will always have church! We may have to move the day or have it outside if we don’t have power, but we will gather to worship and learn together. Below you will see an outline of our communications plan so you have an idea when to look for news about changes to our Celebration Worship Services.

We will reach out to serve each other! Let us know if you (or a family member or neighbor) need to be checked on after a storm passes through. We will have a team that will call and visit to see how we can meet the needs of our church family and our neighbors. We also have volunteers that serve with Florida Baptist Disaster Relief that can help with recovery efforts. Use the form below to let us know if you need to be checked on and/or if you can help post-storm.

Want to make sure you get all the information as it comes out? Please fill out the form below. This will allow us to email and text you with any updates.

Communications Plan

5 Days Out from predicted strike
  • Test Text- A text will be sent to all of our church family for whom we have contact information on file.
  • Email Alert- We will email the church family to let you know we have our eyes on the storm and to give everyone an opportunity to sign up for post-storm check-ins or to join our calling team. If you didn’t get the test text, this is your chance to give us your info to make sure you get future updates.
  • Mobilize Care Teams- We will contact our calling teams and disaster relief teams with post-storm plans.
3 Days Out
  • Email- This is when we will alert you to any tentative changes to our Worship Service and Groups schedules. Storms can change course, so this is just a tentative announcement.
2 Days Out
  • Email & Text- One final email and text will be sent giving people one last chance to sign up for post-storm check-ins or to join our post-storm teams.
1 Day Out
  • Email & Text- We will send out an email and a text finalizing any changes to our church schedule.
1 Day After
  • Post-storm teams get to work calling, checking-in on, and helping our church family and neighbors.