Marriage Night 2019

Friday, June 7, 6:00pm

Laugh and learn with your spouse as you hear from marriage experts and discover how to honor God in your marriage. Simulcast featuring Francis & Lisa Chan, Les & Leslie Parrott, and comedian Michael Jr. Learn more at

$30/couple (or $15/person) includes dinner. Childcare available with reservation- email [email protected]

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Marriage is one of the most important earthly relationships we have— and one of the most challenging. From pre-marital counseling to referrals to licensed marriage and family therapist, Celebration wants to be with you and support you and your spouse throughout your marriage.

  • Pre-Marital Counseling- The State of Florida will waive the three-day waiting period and lower the cost of a marriage license upon completion of a premarital course. Our pastors are all qualified to provide counseling that fulfills this requirement.
  • Marriage Mentoring- Several of our deacons and their wives are trained to serve as marriage mentors. Coming alongside you and your spouse, providing support, love, and "been-there-done-that" advice, they look forward to helping you grow in your marriage.
  • Pastoral Counseling- Our pastors are happy to meet with you and/or your spouse to discuss biblical ways to address the marital challenges you might be facing.
  • Referrals- Some time problems in a marriage go much deeper than a pastor is trained to help you with. This is when our referral program comes in. We can help you find a local marriage and family therapist/counselor to help you and your family through the toughest of times
  • Groups- Celebration hosts several weekly and seasonal groups that focus on growing a stronger, biblically based marriage. Click here to find the Group just right for you and your spouse.
  • RightNow Media- Called "the Netflix of Bible Studies", RightNow Media is a free resource available to everyone that's a part of the Celebration Family! Click here to set up your free account, the search for "marriage" and start learning and growing together at home!