The Call

Apr 21, 2021    Tommy Hendricks

The Call
by Tommy Hendricks, Family Pastor

I was just a few weeks from my college graduation and I was excited about my next phase of life. While all my buddies were getting married or finding jobs, I had signed up to be a semester missionary and planned to serve the next few years around the country. I had no idea what was in store, but I was ready to travel and explore ministry opportunities.

I had found out about mission opportunities through my college Baptist Student Union. I had been serving at a local church and had been on many short-term mission trips, but I looked forward to this new adventure and leaving Oklahoma.

I was sitting on the couch in the BSU at the University of Central Oklahoma waiting to hear the response from our Home Mission Board. I had the opportunity to select a few areas and types of ministry I was interested in, but my assignment that I got was not even on the list. The phone call came and I learned I had been assigned to a small church in Waterloo, Iowa, in a very unchurched area.

I packed my bags, bought some cold weather clothes, and took my very first airplane ride from Oklahoma City to Waterloo, IA. We had one layover and my second flight was a very small passenger plane. The kind where you can see the pilot and there were only about 8 people on the plane. We flew through a snowstorm and I quickly discovered why the little white baggie was placed in the seat pocket in front of me. Let’s just say I filled up the bag and praised God when we finally landed. I would have kissed the ground when I got off, but there was about two feet of snow. The guy who picked me up was a friend of one of the church members and was chosen because he had a big truck that could safely deliver me back to the church. I would only see him one more time in the next five months. But I was glad that I had answered the call and I was ready to serve in whatever I was asked to do.

Have you ever thought about short-term missions? Taking a mission trip? What would you say that God is calling you to do to answer the “call?”