The Gift of Grace

Apr 25, 2021    Warren Halstrom

The Gift of Grace
By Warren Halstrom, Worship Pastor

When I became a Christian as a senior in high school, I faced the rather unpleasant reality that I had some considerable deficits in my character. I really didn’t care about others… at all.

My orientation toward the idea of forgiveness came suddenly and unexpectedly because right around the time I accepted the Lord, my dad left my mom. I vacillated between self-righteousness and the truth that I had just been given the greatest gift anyone could receive, the gift of grace. Of course, grace comes with an obligation, to forgive others, just as I had been forgiven. That was hard, especially for me at that stage of my life. I carried much of my self-centered worldview into my new life in Christ.

Then I married Shelly. Her family background is replete with selfless “others-centered” people with a track record of helping others as long as life itself. As I observed her heart for others and consistent acts of kindness, I became aware that you’re, at the very least, supposed to notice others, observe their needs, and seek to do your best to help out, even at the expense of your time, comfort level and money.

While the journey was to be long, my first steps had begun. Are there first steps regarding Christian character that you need to take? What has God revealed to you about areas in your life that need change? Take some time now to ask God for the wisdom to see an area of shortcoming in your own character, and the willingness to take strides toward Christlikeness, that you may be a greater witness for Him.