Test God?

Apr 28, 2021    Natalie Thomas

Test God?
by Natalie Thomas, Business Administer

When I was in college I made the decision to test God with my tithes. I didn’t have much money in college. Like most college students, I had limited income to cover my bills. My pastor at the time would go to Malachi each Sunday during offering to remind us about what God said about giving your tithes and to test God.

Malachi 3:10 is a unique verse in the Bible, for in it God grants us permission to test Him in regards to tithing. Since I was a college student I knew all too well what a test meant, which was very interesting to me, the choice of words. One Sunday I decided to test God and have been testing him ever since.

It’s really been a test for me as well, particularly in the hard times. It was in those hard times, like when the economy took a dive in 2008. My husband had to change jobs because no one was buying cars, but we continued to tithe. God provided for us in those difficult times, not just financially, but with good health, peace of mind, and unspeakable joy. To this day we are still testing God with our tithes and his word has not returned void.