The Salt and Light Citizenship Ministry equips Christians to reclaim and preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage through responsible, biblically-based citizenship. It is concerned citizens in churches praying, getting educated and taking action! We are rediscovering the joy and privilege of being a citizen of the United States - under God - and preserving, as salt does, our Judeo-Christian Heritage.

You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet. You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.
Matthew 5:13-14

Salt & Light Ministry

  • Monthly Prayer & Action Meetings

    One Sunday a month, 4:00pm, Room 6
    February 12, 2017
    March 19, 2017
    April 9, 2017
    May 7, 2017

    All are invited to join us as we pray for our city, state and nation, get educated on current issues/events and take action living out our Biblical citizenship.


    I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

    Wednesdays, 6:30pm

    To some, the concept of having faith in a higher power or a set of religious beliefs is nonsensical. Indeed, many view religion in general, and Christianity in particular, as unfounded and unreasonable.

    Norman Geisler and Frank Turek argue, however, that Christianity is not only more reasonable than all other belief systems, but is indeed more rational than unbelief itself. With conviction and clear thinking, Geisler and Turek guide readers through some of the traditional, tested arguments for the existence of a creator God. This is great for those skeptical about Christianity, as well as a helpful resource for Christians seeking to articulate a more sophisticated defense of their faith.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for unity and peace in America and that the church will be a catalyst for reconciliation, love, and peace.
  • Pray for the peaceful and efficient transition of power in our nation.
  • Pray that God would appoint men and women in our federal government that are capable, fear God, and hate dishonest gain (Exodus 18:21)
  • Pray that the body of Christ will speak truth in love when confronting the secular culture and that God will be glorified in our interactions and those we come in contact with will come to a saving knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Join the national prayer line, 30 minutes of daily prayer,

Upcoming Opportunity for Leadership Training for ages 16-25

We are identifying Patriots to send from Celebration Baptist Church to the Southeast Patriot Academy here in Tallahassee, Florida June 28-30. Patriot Academy is an intensive leadership boot camp. Students develop leadership strategies, life purpose plans, media relations, public speaking & advanced communication skills, campaign techniques, and a founding fathers' philosophy of government. Patriot Academy is the premier political leadership training in the nation, guiding young men and women to effectively lead the change in America! Please see or contact if you are interested and would like to know more.

Six Foundational Principles:

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