We understand selecting care for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The After School/Summer Camp Program at Celebration can help make the decision easier. This program was founded in 2004 on the principle that young children flourish when placed in a nurturing environment. We offer your child a loving and safe haven – a home away from home. We are dedicated to teaching and ministering to Pre-K through 5th grade children with a desire that these children grow spiritually and come to know Jesus Christ in a real way.

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and with people.
Luke 2:52

Our Goal

Our goal is to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of each student by providing a supervised environment with educational and fitness related activities. Our goal is to provide a quality program that will help lay a strong Biblical foundation that one day will connect them to God and lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We will disciple them and encourage them to grow in their walk with Christ. Here at Celebration, our prayer is that every child will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in that relationship. Meeting the needs of the children in our ministry means we are also here for their families. We believe that children are a gift from God. Because the parents, or caretakers, are the spiritual leaders of the children, it is our desire to guide them with encouragement and Biblical principles during their time with us.

Our Desire

We desire for these children to continue to become beautiful on the inside. It is our desire for them to be clothed with “strength and honor”, with a “humble and quiet spirit”, and with the kind of beauty that never fades. We desire to teach the children to have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, compassion, be tenderhearted, forgiving, to express grief when they sin, and to learn to praise God even in the midst of difficult times. As parents, we give them so many things to keep them busy and content, but we really long for them to learn what it means to be truly content. In short, we strive to teach them to be like Christ, which should be the goal of every faithful Christian.

Our Staff

Our teachers specialize in TLC – they are trained, loving and committed. We maintain a warm, caring and secure environment for children as they are taught Biblical truths and grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Our staff is made up of enthusiastic leaders with a passion for touching the lives of children and a desire to work for the Lord in all they do. Our staff is expected to fully engage and exemplify a high, strong, consistent work ethic and to be the hands and feet of our God. The relationship between the staff and children is essential to fulfilling the purpose of Celebration Baptist Church After School and Summer Camp.

Celebration After School

Registration for 2016-2017 School Year opens April 1!

Schools Included

Pickup is provided from the following schools.
  • Roberts Elementary
  • Desoto Trail Elementary
  • Gilchrist Elementary
  • Killearn Lakes Elementary
  • Celebration Baptist Kinderschool

Afternoon Rotation

  • Indoor Recreation
  • Video Game Room
  • Board Game Room
  • Building Room
  • Activity Room

Forms & Important Information

Celebration Summer Camp

Brand New!

Too often our children try to find their identity and worth in things other than the Lord. There is peer-pressure and influences around every corner that tell them not to choose to obey or fear the Lord but rather to serve whatever satisfies their desires and the world. Because of the life-changing impact a relationship with Christ has made in our lives, we want to share that transformation with others. We believe that every person has been created with an essential need for acceptance, challenge, self-discovery, and unconditional love. From program to facilities to staff, every part of Celebration was designed to meet those needs. We want to encourage every child to try new things, know that they are loved, and leave here having discovered more about the purpose God has created them for.

‘Brand New’ is our theme this summer which derived from one of our favorite verses in the Bible, 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun”. Our staff is dedicated to helping our campers grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ in many ways, such as: one-on-one time, devotionals, group worship, music & singing, Biblical teaching through a wonderful curriculum titled ‘Jesus Is’ and the Old and New Testaments. We also have some wonderful field trips and activities planned where your children are guaranteed to have a blast!

Our mission is to help mold disciples of Jesus by teaching our campers character-building skills, to develop greater self-confidence, and leadership and team-building skills in a Christ centered environment where they can develop friendships that last a lifetime.

  • Week 1…. Getting to know you
  • Week 2…. Jesus is the Rescuer
  • Week 3…. Jesus is the Promise Fulfilled
  • Week 4…. Jesus is the Redeemer
  • Week 5…. Jesus is Lord of Everything
  • Week 6…. Jesus is a Good Shepherd
  • Week 7…. Jesus is with me
  • Week 8…. Jesus makes me Brand New
  • Week 9…. Adventure Week

We understand that registering your child for summer camp is a big expense. Please remember that we fill spots on a first come, first serve basis until we are full! Also we are offering for families to break up the cost of registration to ease the financial burden a little. All registration and reservation fees are due by May 19th, so the earlier you get your application in, the more time you have to space out the payments (payments are due by the 19th each month. We no longer will have drop in rates available. The weekly fee will remain the same regardless of whether or not he or she attends every day. For more information please contact Holly or Chelsi at 850-328-0040 or email at hmills@icelebration.org.