Your 40s through 60s are an exciting time in life. Many of us are rediscovering freedom and independence as our children enter college and move out of their own. We're also finding a new confidence as many of us find great stability in our careers. The New Horizons Community Group is designed to foster genuine and lasting relationships with others in similar phases of life.

Monthly Community Gatherings

12:45pm in the Broom Tree Cafe, lunch provided
September 24, 2017- Football
October 22, 2017- Chinese/Asian
November 26, 2017- International Potluck
December TBD- Italian

Special Events

Canoe Trip
Saturday, October 28. Contact Robin for more details.

Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights Trip
December 10-12, leaving Celebration after third service.

Weekly Groups

Next Chapter A
Sunday Mornings, 10:15am, Room 6

Adult Bible Study (45+)
Sunday Mornings, 10:15am, Room 11

Next Chapter B
Sunday Mornings, 9:00am, Room 6

Life Walk 40+
Sunday Mornings, 9:00am, Room 5

Women's Bible Study
Sunday Mornings, 9:00am, Room 8

Questions? Contact Robin O'Donnell the Transitions Community leader, at